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Window ventilators are special elements mounted on window frames or in the light of the glass, which allow a controlled flow of air between the interior and exterior. Their main task is to ensure proper ventilation in the rooms, as well as even distribution of fresh air. Ventilators allow to avoid condensation on the windows and excessive heating of rooms. They are available in a variety of types and sizes to suit individual needs and interior design styles.


The EMM HIGRO HIGRO HIGRO VENTILATOR is the most popular ventilator in the AERECO range. It automatically regulates the amount of air supplied depending on the level of relative humidity in the room. It also has the option of manual shutdown. It features an increased acoustic attenuation index of up to 40 dB when the diffuser is closed.


MIROX ANTISMOGUE WINDOWS feature a factory-installed URBINO TRDn ventilator that filters out everything you don’t want in your home. URBINO filters 100% of the air that enters, trapping up to 99% of PM10 particles and up to 80% of PM2.5 particles. as well as harmful dust, allergens and dust mites. MIROX windows with URBINO ventilator also have an acoustic damper, which effectively stops sounds up to 48 dB when closed. In this way, they protect the house from nuisance noises of external origin. This means that it is able to reduce traffic sound levels by more than half!


The Ventair TRDn is the most commonly chosen differential pressure controlled ventilator in Europe. The control is performed by an aerodynamic aluminium sheet, which rises or falls under the influence of the supply air, regulating the flow rate. It is this solution that ensures a constant air flow regardless of atmospheric conditions. Despite its small size, the Ventair TRDn is distinguished by very good acoustic attenuation, up to 40 dB when closed. The controller also allows for manual control. You can reduce or increase the airflow at any time, adapting it to your needs.


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