Exterior doors

As a leading manufacturer, we have been dedicated for years to creating, designing and manufacturing doors that not only provide protection from the outside world, but also add character and elegance to the entire home space. Since our inception, we have perfected the art of manufacturing exterior doors from A to Z that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while also being diverse and easy to fit into any setting. All models come in many variants – as variants made of PVC, steel and aluminum. Despite some differences, all front doors have one thing in common – uncompromising, high quality workmanship.



What are the characteristics of our exterior doors?

When designing an exterior door for a house, we pay attention to all the details, including the class of materials used in its production. This is not without reason – growing customer expectations and access to an increasing number of specialized plastics means that our exterior doors are sure to meet all buyers’ expectations. We offer:

  • PVC doors – these home entry doors are distinguished by their excellent thermal insulation properties. Thanks to the presence of large chambers and reinforcements, they guarantee not only robustness, but also effective protection against heat loss. In addition, the low door threshold is designed to allow comfortable entry and exit, without unnecessary obstacles. We also offer flexibility in the choice of opening direction – the front door can be opened inward or outward, secured with bolts, hooks or rollers to ensure not only security, but also comfort.
  • Aluminum doors – are perfect for both residential buildings and public facilities. We supply exterior home doors based on “warm” and “cold” systems, providing optimal thermal insulation according to your needs. We enrich our offer with a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose from varnishes in the full RAL palette, including those imitating the effect of wood. As a result, we not only meet the functional, but also the aesthetic expectations of our customers.

Modern exterior doors - features of our brand products

We are a company for which the highest possible quality of workmanship counts first and foremost, and for this reason our glazed or standard solid exterior doors reflect a combination of years of experience and market observation. For years, we have been analyzing modern trends and adjusting our machinery to meet customer requirements. This is how we prove that exterior entrance doors can combine all the features important to customers.

Modern exterior doors - safety and security

Security is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to when choosing an exterior door. Our doors are highly durable, providing a high degree of protection for homeowners and their property. Doors can be equipped with additional locks, peepholes, alarm systems or intercoms. All this contributes to increased protection and a sense of security for residents.

Exterior home entry doors - thermal and acoustic insulation

Thermal insulation is a key aspect of our exterior doors, which affects the comfort of your home and the cost of heating your home. Doors with high thermal insulation effectively retain heat inside the building, which translates into lower heating bills.

Sound insulation is another important aspect worth paying attention to. Exterior doors effectively muffle outside noises, providing peace and quiet in the home.

Modern front doors - aesthetics and design

Our steel, aluminum, PVC and patio exterior doors are also characterized by impeccable aesthetics and design. These aspects play a key role in creating a first impression towards home aesthetics. The style and color of the door should harmonize with the overall appearance of the building, emphasizing its character. For this reason, we offer completely different colors, so that our exterior house doors blend in with the rest of the facade.

We offer modern, classic and minimalist home entry doors. Choosing the right design depends on individual preferences, but also on the architectural style of the building. If you have any questions about the choice of front door styles, please feel free to contact us – we will be happy to answer them by email or phone.

Front doors - functional and easy to use

Our classic and modern home entry doors are first and foremost practical, which means that they open and close smoothly and do not cause problems related to their jamming or creaking. This is helped by solid locks and hinges, secure, durable and reliable in their operation.

Exterior entrance doors - weather resistance

We are well aware that our home doors have to meet many challenges not only in terms of security, but also in terms of resistance to various weather conditions. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the material from which they are made. We rely exclusively on plastics resistant to changing weather conditions such as rain, snow or strong sun, but also to damage from daily use. This means many years of durability and no risk of failure even after many decades.

All single-family home entry doors available from our company are made of materials that are not deformed by changes in temperature, humidity or direct sunlight. In addition, they are equipped with appropriate seals.

In our offer you will find windows, in PVC and aluminum systems, which will meet all your expectations, whether you want a sophisticated design or excellent thermal insulation parameters.

An abundance of natural light and a functional connection between the interior of your home and the garden is the functionality of modern sliding doors. See all the possibilities and choose the best one for you from a wide range.

Traditional external blinds can be installed whether you are renovating or just building your house.

Choose from a comprehensive range of garage doors fully color-matched to the windows of your choice.

Modern exterior doors for a single-family home - ecology matters

The environmental aspects of exterior doors are becoming increasingly important to many people. By choosing a door built to minimize the negative impact on the planet , notonly do we contribute to its protection, but we can also gain in durability and energy efficiency. Doors made in the eco-friendly trend can be just as durable and effective as their less sustainable counterparts in this regard.

Low-impact manufacturing processes, such as minimizing waste and reducing CO2 emissions, can significantly reduce a door’s environmental footprint. In addition, our energy-efficient exterior doors can help reduce energy consumption in the home, resulting in lower bills.

We invite you to place your order today. We offer completely different models of exterior doors, differing in color, material of construction and details of their design. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to explain how the thickness of the exterior door affects the use, as well as what the heat transfer coefficient is, we will also dispel many other doubts: We provide a wide range of entrance doors, so everyone is sure to find a suitable steel, PVC or aluminum entrance door among them.