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What would a good terrace be by leading to it aesthetically pleasing and functional patio doors? In our store you will find the perfect patio door that you will love to walk through to get some fresh air, relax and drink coffee. Importantly, such doors are also designed to let in light and allow observation of the interior of the house. For this reason, they perform the same functions as terrace windows – thus we use the terms interchangeably. Regardless of the nomenclature, you’ll find one that’s perfect for your patio, porch or veranda. Do you have questions or concerns? Text or call us – we are always happy to help!




Balcony – terrace doors opening in a standard way is still a popular solution and full of advantages. They are opened with a single handle and a lever. A distinction is made between doors with a fixed or movable post. What is this post? This is nothing more than a partition between the wings. With the fixed post, it is permanently located in the center of the frame, while the movable post is part of one of the sashes and moves with it when opening and closing. The latter option gives you more space and is recommended if you plan to take out larger objects, such as patio chairs. Classic patio doors with windows work best on small terraces, as using larger and elaborate door elements is difficult here.

Drzwi wejściowe do domu jednorodzinnego
Drzwi unoszono-przesuwne PSK

Classic PSK lift-and-slide doors

Sliding patio doors are a very popular solution for medium and larger terraces. Why is that? Rail structures allow the use of larger elements – moving them is much easier than with classic doors. Sliding balcony doors are extremely convenient to use and quiet, do not require complex maintenance, and maintain heat over their entire surface. The sliding terrace window available in our offer consists of a fixed element, on which, with the use of rails and hardware, a movable element is applied. The lightness and ease of opening that characterize such a sliding window means that it can be operated with a single handle without much effort. Our sliding patio windows have the classic threshold that we will see in other types of patio doors. The sliding terrace window, due to the axis of its movement parallel to the threshold and the walls, allows a considerable saving of free space on the terrace, as well as inside the apartment.

Lift and slide doors - HST system with PVC

Are you the owner of a vast terrace and looking for a door with large dimensions, yet very simple to open? Lift-and-slide doors are the best choice for you. We have created doors whose sashes can reach a width of up to 3 meters, and yet our special hardware mechanisms mean that it takes a minimum of force to move the whole thing.

Drzwi unoszono-przesuwne HST

In the HST system, sliding patio doors do not have a high threshold like other sliding systems. However, this type of balcony door has a threshold with a special design that comes in one of 3 variants to choose from:

  • Basic –made almost entirely of aluminum, with a single PVC-U element on the inside.
  • Standard – similar design to the Basic version with an additional polyamide thermal break separating the aluminum components.
  • Premium – made entirely of glass fiber reinforced plastic GRP and filling all chambers with PU foam.

The resulting sliding balcony window is therefore easy to use, saves space, maintains a great heat transfer coefficient and looks great in almost any home.

HST sliding patio doors can be easily adapted to your preferences thanks to their modular design – just choose one of the configurations of thermal performance and select the layout of wings, non-opening parts and other elements. With this approach, your exterior sliding door does not have to have one predetermined form, instead it will fit perfectly into your terrace. We are proud to introduce you to one of our flagship products. The HST 85 mm sliding patio door was awarded the BUDMA 2015 Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair.

Aluplast smart-slide sliding doors

External sliding balcony doors smart-slide is a modern product line equipped with a sliding system. Their special feature is the extreme lightness and simplicity of opening and closing the entire window while maintaining maximum tightness. These types of sliding balcony windows will create a convenient passage to the terrace or garden, and with striking glazing, illuminate your living room, dining room or bedroom.

Drzwi tarasowe smart-slide
Drzwi tarasowe aluminiowe

Aluminium sliding patio doors and windows

Aluminum doors can also be an interesting option for a terrace. We offer both classic opening models, sliding balcony window and special folding doors. All of them are distinguished by their excellent light weight with great thermal properties, including the possibility of using thermal insulation.

Aluminum windows for the terrace are also very durable and airtight – in terms of weather conditions such as strong winds and rain, but also because of mechanical damage – accidental or intentional, done by burglars. Such sliding windows equipped with the appropriate glass and hardware can therefore successfully serve as burglar-proof windows. Ensure the comfort and well-being of your household members and spend time with them on a well-equipped terrace!

Your new functional patio door

Terrace, veranda, porch, garden entrance – all require functional separation from the rest of the house in the form of appropriate doors. Our patio doors allow natural sunlight to illuminate the interior, are easy to use and will last you for years.

Not only do we want to offer you the best window and door solutions, but we also want to help you choose and answer all your questions and concerns! We offer free measurements and pricing, perform efficient transportation and installation, and service if necessary. We are happy to share our experience, as we are aware that choosing a patio door may not be easy for a person unfamiliar with the subject. Feel free to contact us and learn more about our full offer!

Drzwi na taras

Choose from a full range of PVC windows and aluminum windows. You have unlimited possibilities for individual configuration of glazing, finishing of profile surfaces or equipping with special accessories. 

Choose from a full range of shielding products that best meet your needs. Traditional external blinds can be installed whether you are renovating or just building your house.

Consistent with the window joinery, door systems guarantee not only a perfect fit with the facade design, but most importantly security, thanks to components that make it difficult to break in.

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