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Exterior shutters


Exterior roller shutters help effectively regulate the amount of sunlight entering the interior, protecting against excessive sunlight and overheating of rooms. In addition, they increase the sense of privacy, improve thermal insulation and can help reduce costs associated with heating or cooling a building.

Flush-mounted roller shutters

overlay shutters

surface-mounted shutters


A perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Suitable for passive construction, key to thermal and acoustic comfort. Installation in the lintel not only provides a discreet appearance, but also eliminates heat loss through insulation, avoiding thermal bridges. It is worth integrating them at the design stage to achieve their full potential for comfort and efficiency.

LAYER ROLLERS (on-window)

These roller blinds blend perfectly with the windows, installed together with them. This unique installation method makes them an ideal choice for both new construction and when upgrading existing windows. They create a harmonious combination of practicality and aesthetics, giving each building a unique charm.


Even after the finishing work is completed, surface-mounted blinds can be installed without problems. This extremely flexible system adapts perfectly to existing conditions, offering versatile possibilities regardless of the stage of construction


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