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Window installation is a key part of any construction and renovation process, which has a significant impact on the energy efficiency and thermal comfort of a building. This is why a proven manufacturer and installation company is especially important – these factors determine whether the products and the entire house structure will be both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Mirox Window and Door Factory deals with both window manufacturing and traditional and warm installation. However, before we start creating your customized order, we will take care of a free measurement! Our specialists are always there to help you and are waiting for your questions.


Mechanical window installation is also known as traditional installation and is still one of the most popular methods used in Poland. It is mainly characterized by simplicity and speed of execution, which is undoubtedly a great advantage. With this technique, the window is attached to the masonry with special anchors, dowels or screws that ensure stability and durability of the structure. It is especially recommended for buildings with solid wall structures.

Mechanical assembly is often chosen by customers primarily due to lower costs and shorter time for the work. However, it is important to have it done by professionals – exactly like Mirox Window and Door Factory! Our long experience and extensive knowledge guarantee that the work will be done properly and the windows will serve for many years.

"Warm installation" of windows - vapor-proof and vapor-permeable tapes

Layered installation, or so-called warm window installation, is a technique that is gaining in popularity due to its many advantages. First of all, it is a method that provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Vapor-permeable and vapor-proof tape protects the polyurethane foam layer from the penetration of water vapor in the insulation layer around the window and moisture from inside the building. This allows us to reduce the cost of heating our home and enjoy peace and quiet, no matter what is going on outside. It is also worth mentioning that “warm assembly” is particularly recommended for windows with large glass areas, for example, in modern passive buildings. “Warm installation” of windows is also an investment that pays off quickly.

Although the initial cost may be slightly higher than traditional methods, thanks to the reduced cost savings and lack of investment in quick window repairs, the decision to perform warm window installation still pays off. It is also worth noting that “warm installation” of windows is recommended in energy-efficient construction, that is, it contributes to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Installation of windows using a "warm sill"

One of the most effective and beneficial methods of window installation is the so-called warm sill. It is an under-window profile made of very hard XPS extruded polystyrene (styrodur) or hard EPS polystyrene. Such profiles eliminate the problem of leaks between the window and the sill and eliminate the risk of thermal bridges.

Installation of PVC windows with the use of a “warm sill” is primarily to improve thermal insulation in the place of the worst thermal performance – the energy-saving Sill Underlay ensures that cold air is retained in the thermal layer at the junction of the window and the wall.

Installation of windows in the insulation layer of the building

In modern construction, the layer of external thermal insulation very often exceeds 20 cm thick. Such construction contributes to the fact that the placement of the window can be, as it were, on the outside against the building wall, that is, in the thermal insulation layer. The installation of windows in the insulation layer thus serves to improve the isotherms through the wall-window system. Properly carried out work by our experienced company will prevent thermal bridges and reduce heat loss.

The original and still popular solution for installing windows in the insulation layer is to use special consoles that support the extended window. On the other hand, an innovative way is to install in special profiles extending outside the wall.

Installation of plastic windows - choosing the right method

Choosing the right window installation method is a key element that affects the comfort of the user, as well as the energy efficiency of the building. Warm window installation acts as a thermal and acoustic insulator. In the case of mechanical fastening, polyurethane (PUR) foam is used as an insulator to fill expansion joints. Although such installation is cheaper and takes less time, the use of mounting foam is the only seal, so it may not work well in areas with high moisture.

The correct installation of windows is as important as their performance. Standard installation techniques using polyurethane foam may not effectively reduce heat loss. Depending on the specifics of the investment, layered warm window installation and other innovative techniques are mainly recommended. Why does our company prefer such assemblies? Our main focus is on getting the installation done once and done right, so that our customers enjoy warmth and comfort for years to come.

Comprehensive service

Airtight window installation Poznan and surroundings - professional services from Mirox company

When you choose professional window installation services from Mirox, you are opting for the highest quality and guaranteed satisfaction. Our team of specialists is well aware of the prevailing trends in the market, so they will select the best installation technique for the individual needs of the customer. This way you can be sure that, regardless of your requirements and expectations, the service will be performed professionally and in accordance with applicable standards. Our company is distinguished from competing companies primarily by such aspects as:
  • free valuation – we offer a no-obligation valuation of window and door joinery, in which our tradesmen will prepare a detailed offer prepared on the basis of the data sent in the form,
  • free measurement – Our company also offers a no-obligation measurement of window and door joinery, carried out throughout Poznan and the surrounding area up to 20 km. (Above 20 km, measurements are also taken, but with a deposit, which is returned at the time of signing the contract),
  • guarantee of quality-our products are made in modern and well-equipped production facilities, and in the process of creation are used elements and semi-finished products of only reputable companies.