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For years, our company has specialized in designing, creating and supplying to private and corporate clients exceptional windows made of PVC, which not only increase the value of any building, but also provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Since its inception, we have constantly strived to improve our products through the use of modern technology and the careful selection of top-quality materials. All uPVC windows have been refined to perfection by us for this reason, so we are all the more eager to invite you to learn more about them on dedicated subpages.

ID 8000

A solution dedicated to passive construction that meets the most stringent requirements for thermal insulation, aesthetics and comfort.


A perfect combination of modern technology and design. The simple, symmetrical and slender shape of the profiles is a guarantee of style and plenty of light in the room.

ID 7000

Thoughtful design and geometry of profiles, combined with warm glazing packages result in optimal thermal insulation parameters.

ID 4000

A wide range of options in customization and style. Recommended for renovation.

ID 5000

Ideal 5000 windows stand out from other window systems thanks to the use of a "traditional centre seal", a rarity on the market.


The window renovation system makes it possible to install new windows without removing the existing frames. It is particularly popular in countries such as France and Italy.


The new BLOCKPROFIL NL windows based on the IDEAL 7000 NL and IDEAL 8000 NL systems are perfectly in keeping with the Dutch style.

Nord Line

The Nord Line Window system is distinguished by its distinctive way of opening windows outward and is typical for Scandinavian building style and fits the climate of this regions.

Why choose our plastic windows?

Each plastic window manufactured by our company is a solution that is sure to bring each investor a lot of benefits. Windows of our production are durable and resistant to various weather conditions. As a result, they do not generate excessive costs even after many years of use and during particularly intensive, harsh industrial operation. In addition, our plastic windows are a very good solution also in terms of thermal insulation, which translates into lower heating bills.

What’s more, PVC windows from the MIROX Window and Door Factory are extremely easy to keep properly clean. They usually do not require specialized cleaning products, and the material used in their manufacture is highly scratch-resistant. We are constantly striving to improve our products through the use of modern technology and careful selection of the highest quality materials. A team of experienced designers and engineers is working to create windows that not only meet all standards of strength safety, but also present an elegant appearance, adapted to a variety of architectural styles.


PVC MIROX windows - advantages worth knowing

Any PVC window made of polyvinyl chloride is growing in popularity because of the many advantages that characterize the material. It is not without reason that both private customers, such as those in the process of thermal modernization of their homes, and businessmen who use them to close openings in the walls of factories, warehouses or workplaces, reach for them. This is not a work of chance – PVC MIROX windows have characteristics in line with the expectations of modern buyers, and their most interesting advantages are:

  • Thermal insulation – Our PVC windows are characterized by excellent thermal insulation, which means that they keep the building interior warm in winter and cool during the summer. The optimal heat transfer coefficient of PVC windows means a lot of energy savings and a reduction in heating or air conditioning costs.
  • Sound insulation – PVC windows are also effective in reducing noise from outside, which improves indoor comfort. Good soundproofing can be especially important for homes near high traffic areas or next to other similarly noisy places.
  • Low maintenance requirements – PVC windows are resistant to atmospheric conditions such as rain, wind and sun, making them low-maintenance. They do not need to be painted or varnished, and regular cleaning is all that is needed to keep them in good condition.
  • Long-term durability – PVC is a material that is resistant to corrosion, decay and the harmful effects of microorganisms. As a result, PVC windows retain their properties for many years without visible signs of aging.
  • Aesthetic design – PVC windows are available in a variety of colors, styles and designs, making it easy to match their visual side to the appearance of the building and individual aesthetic preferences They can imitate the look of wood or have a modern, minimalist design.
  • Energy efficiency – thanks to thermal insulation, PVC windows contribute to the energy efficiency of the building. This can have a positive impact on a building’s energy rating and potentially lower energy bills.
  • Availability of different variants – plastic windows are available in different types, such as side-opening, tilt or sliding. This allows you to choose the right solutions depending on the function of the room and your preferences.

Our PVC windows with a low heat transfer coefficient are a solid choice for those looking for durable, aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient solutions for their homes or commercial buildings. With advantages, they can significantly improve the quality of life and energy efficiency of a building. There is a reason why our plastic roof windows can be considered a good choice in their price class.

Parameters of plastic windows of our production based on the model ID 8000

Each PVC window has been refined to the smallest possible detail, and this can be perfectly seen, among other things, in the ID 8000 luxury line, and in fact in Aluplast’s innovative profile system. The system consists of 6 chambers, was designed in Germany, and has an installation width of 85 mm. Thanks to this solution, a significant improvement in the thermal insulation index of 30% compared to standard windows has been achieved. This ratio, called the Uw coefficient, is now 0.76 W/m²K.

Okno dwuskrzydłowe PASSIVE 8000
Przekrój okna Passive 8000

The innovative design of this profile system ensures that optimal thermal insulation is maintained. In addition, the profile reinforcement was made of galvanized steel, with carefully selected geometry and thickness (minimum 1.25 mm, and 2 mm for colored profiles). This reinforcement ensures rigidity, proper operation and maintenance of the original shape of the windows.

There is an option to use a warm frame with thermal insulation properties, which counteracts the deposition of water vapor on the panes, and allows energy savings of up to 10%.. There are a variety of colors to choose from, including soft gray, deep gray, classic white, elegant black, warm brown and intense dark brown.

Winkhaus activPilot hardware is equipped with a number of features that guarantee excellent window tightness. As standard, they have an anti-theft mechanism that minimizes the risk of burglary. In addition, the system includes A handle misalignment lock, which prevents the sash from falling off the hinges,and a tilt lock, which prevents the open sash from slamming shut under a draft.

Comprehensive service

How do we take care of the production process?

Our history goes back many years, which puts us among the oldest window and door manufacturers in the Greater Poland region. We started as a small family business, and today we are a medium-sized enterprise with more than 100 qualified experts, engineers and designers and other employees. The main thrust of our business is the creation and distribution of our own products – PVC and aluminum joinery.

Mirox (39)

We now have one of the most modern production facilities in the region, making the entire process:

  • efficient – we rely on modern machines, which, thanks to their operation by our specialists, guarantee a fast production process while minimizing the number of possible manufacturing errors;
  • predictable – The entire production process is carefully supervised by us. We immediately respond to any discrepancies with the project and any errors or defects;
  • relatively safe for the environment – we produce our PVC windows on lines designed with special attention to environmental protection and ecology. We strive to exploit renewable energy sources, and mainly use tested and approved materials for production.

Installation of windows and doors

Proper installation is a key issue for windows to perform their function well, that is, to be a tight and stable partition without thermal bridges through which precious energy escapes. Our expert teams offer installation based on various technologies and standards. Check which ones will meet your expectations.

Why are windows worth buying from us?

We handle the implementation of individual orders in practice from A to Z. Our specialists carry out precise structural measurements directly at the customer’s site. They carefully analyze the loads acting on windows and doors and evaluate the load-bearing capacity of the structure. The results of their research are a key source of information when selecting optimal solutions and placing an order.

In addition, guided by the results of accurate structural measurements and taking into account individual customer requirements, we provide valuable advice on choosing solutions that combine aesthetics with robustness. We do not avoid even the most demanding design challenges. We make all decisions on design and execution of orders based on precise data from structural measurements.

What’s more, our strong point that sets the MIROX brand apart from others is high-quality service care. It includes carrying out both warranty repairs and repairs that have already occurred after the warranty period.. We also provide a full range of repair support, as well as unlimited access to replacement components. In addition, we carry out all repair services with complete professionalism and provide guidance and advice on the use and maintenance of our products.

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