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Mosquito nets are a practical solution for protecting the interior of the home from unwanted insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, and other small insects. Applied to windows or doors, they prevent insects from entering rooms while allowing air to flow freely and remain comfortable on warm days. They are an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical insect repellents, making them an important addition to the home, especially during the summer.

Window frame mosquito net

Hinged door mosquito net

Pleated mosquito net for doors


Frame mosquito nets on windows protect against insects, mosquitoes and midges, while providing free ventilation and a view of the surroundings. With a strong mesh, made of fiberglass and profiles made of aluminum materials, you will feel the guarantee of solidity and high quality. NOTICE! If you have a cat, we recommend asking the seller about reinforced steel mesh that will survive an encounter with cat claws.

The frame mosquito net can be configured according to the needs of each customer. Colors on offer include white, brown, anthracite and woodgrain shades. With frame mosquito nets, you can enjoy peace and quiet without worrying about any uninvited little guests.


The main advantage of a door with a mosquito net is, of course, its ability to effectively keep insects and insects out, while allowing fresh air to flow into the interior. This allows you to enjoy an open door without worrying about intrusive insects that could disturb your peace and comfort. They are easy to use, can be freely opened and closed, and are built to be sturdy and durable. Mosquito nets on doors also provide an additional barrier against dust, leaves and pollen that could enter the room. The door mosquito net can be configured according to each customer’s needs. Colors on offer include white, brown, anthracite and woodgrain shades. For discerning customers, bottom kick, cat entrance or steel mesh resistant to cat claws.


The pleated mosquito net for doors is the latest product ideal for large sliding doors to the terrace. This is an innovative mosquito net folding system, similar to pleated roller blinds, which introduces a unique dimension of aesthetics and spaciousness. The harmoniously folding fabric moves on precise rails, taking up minimal space and creating an extremely attractive visual effect. It not only protects against insects, but is also resistant to rain, hail, snow and wind. Pleated mosquito nets for doors are available in many colors, an additional advantage is the mesh made of fiberglass, which is resistant to tearing and weathering.


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