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We are one of the oldest Wielkopolska manufacturers of high-quality aluminum windows, which not only enhance the aesthetics of the interior and facade, but also guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Since our inception, we have placed great emphasis on innovation, high and unparalleled quality of materials and excellent precision workmanship to provide institutional and private customers with such products that easily meet the highest standards of durability and functionality. Be sure to browse all aluminum windows, and if you have any questions, contact us by email or phone.

Windows with superior thermal insulation

The aluminum window system manufactured on the basis of MB 104 Passive Aluprof profiles is characterized, in addition to excellent thermal insulation, by very good sound insulation, water and air tightness and high structural strength.

Windows with high thermal insulation

Windows manufactured on the basis of the three-chamber system of aluminum profiles Genesis 90 designed to meet the highest thermal requirements for window buildings. Designed for designing windows and doors.

Windows with thermal insulation

Very good energy efficiency achieved by using aerogel, a material with excellent thermal insulation. Stable construction made in MB 86N Aluprof system, in two variants ST and SI.

Windows without thermal insulation

Windows made in the MB 45 Aluprof system are an excellent solution dedicated to glazing that does not require thermal insulation. Ideal in interior and exterior buildings, for example: in various types of partitions, windows, doors.

other options

Loft windows

Ideal for restoration of historic buildings, imitating steel ironwork

Industrial windows

Aluminum construction in the style of steel profiles gives an industrial, modern character.

Windows more light

Windows made in the aluminum system have sashes that are not visible from the outside of the development.

Windows with balustrade

Glass balustrade mounted with a window, safe and unobstructed view.

Sliding windows

A solution that will work great where there is no room for tilt-and-turn sashes.

Pivot windows

Modern design with thermal and acoustic insulation with horizontal or vertical pivot.

Sash windows

The upward sliding sash will work well in public facilities, such as checkout counters and health clinics.

Smoke ventilation windows

Elements of the gravity ventilation system, and if necessary will help quickly get rid of smoke and toxic fumes.

Why choose MIROX aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows of our production are extremely durable and resistant to various types of mechanical damage, they are also visually striking, but also withstand many years of use without much trouble. This makes them an ideal solution for people who value high quality and durability, as well as the long life of the woodwork they purchase. Features:
  • durability and resistance – Aluminum is an extremely durable material that is resistant to weather conditions, corrosion and deformation, which makes aluminum windows maintain an aesthetic appearance for many years. This is an advantage that is very important from a financial point of view, since replacing window frames entails a lot of costs. This process is thus realized rather rarely and out of necessity;
  • size and shapes – Aluminum windows allow the production of large glass panels and unusual shapes, which gives more freedom in design and customization. This is an advantage of great interest to aesthetes who want to enhance every part of a house’s facade with beautiful aluminum joinery;
  • thermal insulation – Today’s aluminum windows are designed with effective thermal insulation in mind, helping to maintain stable room temperatures and reduce energy consumption. This is an advantage that contributes both to reducing the cost of maintaining the ideal temperature inside and to reducing the impact of the farm in question on the environment as a whole;
  • sound insulation – thanks to their design and materials, aluminum windows can effectively reduce outside noise, creating a calm and quiet interior. This is an extremely important issue for residents of houses located near busy streets, schools, stores or other cultural and entertainment facilities;
  • low cost of operation – aluminum windows do not require maintenance and painting, which minimizes the cost and labor intensity associated with window care. In addition, aluminum systems are resistant to mechanical damage, as a result of which maintenance comes down only to periodic washing of the surface;
  • security – Aluminum windows can be equipped with advanced security systems, which increases the security level of the house or building. This makes aluminum joinery regarded as basically the safest and can be considered the answer to the expectations of demanding customers.

In summary, all MIROX aluminum windows combine strength, functionality, aesthetics and innovative technologies, making them an attractive choice for many types of buildings and projects.

Comprehensive service

MIROX aluminum joinery and energy saving

The advantage of aluminum windows of our production relevant to current buyers is their excellent thermal insulation. This one translates into energy savings, which in turn translates into protecting the planet from the destructive impact of humans. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, aluminum windows are able to effectively retain heat in the room, which translates into lower energy consumption and financial outlays for heating. In summer, on the other hand, the interior will stay cool for longer, as it will not take on the ambient temperature too quickly. This is influenced by several technical features that define aluminum fixed or tilt windows as energy-efficient.

  • High airtightness- Aluminum windows are extremely airtight, which means that they do not let air through, and thus do not allow uncontrolled heat exchange and its unintentional circulation.
  • Multi-chamber profiles- thanks to the use of multi-chamber profiles, aluminum windows provide excellent thermal insulation, so important for large glazing.
  • Special thermal insulation inserts – these elements further increase the thermal insulation of aluminum windows, which translates into even greater energy savings.

Wear resistance is also not insignificant. This one, against all odds, has an impact not only on saving finances, since of course the less frequent the replacement of woodwork, the better for the wallet, but also on ecology. How? A well-made MIROX aluminum window is one of the most resilient on the market, making damage to it, and thus the need for rapid replacement, rare. This long-lasting durability is not without its ecological impact, as it reduces the consumption of natural resources to produce more windows.

Installation of windows and doors

Proper installation is a key issue for windows to perform their function well, that is, to be a tight and stable partition without thermal bridges through which precious energy escapes. Our expert teams offer installation based on various technologies and standards. Check which ones will meet your expectations.

Safety and durability of aluminum windows

MIROX aluminum windows extremely durable, strong and sturdy. Thanks to their robust construction, they are able to last for many years without visible signs of wear. They are also resistant to various weather conditions, such as strong wind, rain or snow, making them an ideal choice for any home.

For our brand, safety is another key asset of our production windows. They are relatively resistant to burglary due to the use of special hardware and a design that thwarts any attempt by a burglar to force them through.Edits What’s more, these windows are non-combustible, which is an added advantage in the event of a possible fire, which minimizes the risk of further fire spread. There is a reason why aluminum predominates in fire protection systems.

We invite you to place your order today. Our consultants available by phone number and e-mail address will be happy to answer all questions without delay. Be sure to also review aluminum doors, as well as plastic windows and other products available in our catalog.

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