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Aluminum windows

This is a product in Aluprof’s MB 86N system that offers excellent thermal and airtightness performance. The design of the profiles has 2 variants of design depending on the requirements of energy efficiency: ST and SI. The possibility of using varnish in any color from the RAL palette makes it a product of very high aesthetics and appearance perfectly matched to the facade.


Air permeability

Class 4, EN 12207


Class E 4800 Pa, EN 12208

Resistance to wind load

Class C5; PN- EN 12210

Burglary resistance

RC1 – RC4

UW factor

from 0.62 W/m2K

Glazing thickness (windows / doors)

frame:8.5 to 61 mm
Sash: 17.5 to 70 mm /.
frame:8.5 to 61 mm

Frame depth (window / door)

77 mm / 77 mm

Sash depth (windows / doors)

86 mm / 77 mm

*The thermal insulation coefficient refers to a reference window with (1230 x 1480 mm), with a glazing package with Ug=0.5 W/m2K.


Unique and unlimited design options provided by the option of painting in any RAL colour.



window accessories


Handles are an integral part of the windows, which affects the aesthetics and character. See a wide range of handles in modern and traditional design and select their functionality to suit your needs.


Glazing occupies the largest surface area in windows, so their proper choice is crucial to maintaining the thermal and acoustic comfort of a building. See what types of glass and glazing packages we offer.


You will also find mosquito nets that protect you from insects, mosquitoes and flies, while providing free ventilation and a view of your surroundings Learn about their types and see which will work best for your windows.


Fittings that allow the sashes to be opened, tilted or slid are responsible for the functionality and security of windows and doors. You can be sure that all of them come from proven and reputable suppliers and will work smoothly for many years.


Proper airflow is a healthy climate in your home. With ventilators installed in the windows, you don’t have to worry about ventilation. See how ventilators will make your home always have fresh air.

window sills

Both exterior and interior-mounted window sills can be made in many different material and color options. Find out which ones will fit your windows best.

Comprehensive service

Installation of windows and doors

Proper installation is a key issue for windows to perform their function well, that is, to be a tight and stable partition without thermal bridges through which precious energy escapes. Our expert teams offer installation based on various technologies and standards. Check which ones will meet your expectations.

See how we manufacture YOUR windows

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