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Aluminum exterior doors

Aluminum, due to its properties, has for decades been considered an indispensable metal in many areas of life – door design is no exception. The aluminum doors available in our offer are distinguished primarily by their strength, lightness, excellent thermal insulation properties and, of course, excellent aesthetics. With us you will learn about the possibilities of aluminum doors and get a real showcase for your home, store or office!

Drzwi zewnętrzne do domu


The construction of panel doors is based on the Aluprof and Aliplast system of thermally insulated aluminum profiles. Sash profiles are adapted to be combined with special fillings, flush with the surface of the frame. Perfect for passive and energy-efficient homes.

Nowoczesne drzwi zewnętrzne do domu jednorodzinnego


Aluminum doors in the basic version are a solution with good thermal insulation parameters with Ud coefficient from 0.66 W/m²K, which is ideal for energy-efficient buildings. Rigid and durable aluminum profiles allow the manufacture of panel doors with large dimensions and a variety of surface finishes.


Unique and unlimited design options provided by the option of painting in any RAL colour.

COLLECTIONS of door panels

EK-03 (A)
EK-42 (A)

EK-48 (A)

EK-02 (A)

EK-17 (A)

EK-23 (A)

EK-47 (A)

EK-53 (A)

































Door configurator

The doors add character to the house both inside and outside. In addition to all functional considerations, the location, form and color of these building elements are a significant means of shaping the appearance of the building.

Check the configurator to see which will be perfect for your home.

Aluminum exterior doors - what makes them so special?

Aluminum doors are steadily gaining in popularity, and it’s hardly surprising. Why such interest? Above all, they uncompromisingly combine features highly desirable in exterior doors – great looks, durability, ease of use and thermal insulation.

Our aluminum doors must always be of the highest possible quality, and we do not recognize compromise in this area. We don’t use cheaper substitutes, nor do we substitute components for cheaper ones to save money. It is our goal that the doors we install for you will serve you for years, please the eye, operate smoothly, and their opening closing is a pleasure. We invite you to take a look at our detailed offer!

Classic aluminum exterior doors

In our showroom you will buy aluminum exterior doors, which are ideal especially for modern construction and arrangements based on concrete, glass and stainless steel. What makes our aluminum doors open in the classic way? A huge selection of options and modifications, so you can fit your aluminum front door perfectly to your needs! Here are some of the possibilities:
  • Thermally insulated-the best for the exterior, as it provides thermal comfort for adjacent rooms, or without insulation- as an aluminum interior door;
  • Opening outward or inward – depending on your preference and the organization of the space around you;
  • lacquered in a wide range of RAL colors, as well as two-tone or imitation wood grain;
  • single-leaf or double-leaf doors, in thelatter case one of the leaves is the active leaf and the other is the passive leaf.
  • optional glazing-smooth, ornamental, convex, as well as with smooth, three-dimensional and overlay batch panels;
  • manually opened or automatic doors(e.g., on a photocell);
  • With or without a threshold – with a pressure bar or brush;
  • many combinations of handle, knob and hilt with the use of ratchet locks, roller locks or electric openers;
  • The possibility of using self-closers: surface, concealed or floor closers.

Comprehensive service

Aluminum sliding doors

Sliding doors are a dream choice for terraces, verandas and conservatories, but they can also be commonly found in stores and offices. Excellent heat transfer coefficient makes them successful as exterior doors or separating air-conditioned spaces. What additional advantages does this type of aluminum door have? The two- or three-track rails on which the sashes move make it easy to open and close them quickly. This method of door movement saves a lot of space relative to doors opened in the classic way.

Drzwi aluminiowe wahadłowe

Aluminum exterior doors - swinging

This type of aluminum door is most often found in public buildings, malls, shopping arcades or hotels. Swinging doors also allow communication in both directions, and are equipped with a floor closer. Not only are they easy to open, but they also protect against heat loss, which ultimately translates into big energy savings.

Aluminum folding doors

Folding doors are less common models, but they too have their uses. In these aluminum doors, the sashes overlap each other, creating a large open space in the frame. It is used in hotels, restaurants, stores and private homes where there is a need to open the entire wall to create more floor space.

Harmonijkowe drzwi aluminiowe

A choice of aluminum doors for every occasion

If you are interested in aluminum entrance doors of European quality, you have come to the perfect place! Our experienced, efficient and helpful team will be happy to help you choose the perfect front door,, and our specialists will deliver it to your location and install it in no time. Our goal is not just to make sales, but to build relationships and mutual trust so that you’ll be happy to come back to us for both purchases and a handful of advice.

We know that choosing an aluminum entrance door can be difficult – even more so if you don’t have the knowledge and experience in this area. That’s why we provide assistance at every stage of the purchase, take free measurements and estimates, if necessary, suggest good alternatives, and service our aluminum doors if necessary. So feel free to contact us and learn more about our full range of aluminum doors!

Installation of windows and doors

Proper installation is a key issue for windows and doors to perform their function well, that is, to be a tight and stable partition without thermal bridges through which precious energy escapes. Our expert teams offer installation based on various technologies and standards. Check which ones will meet your expectations.