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Multifamily housing does not have to be boring and devoid of design at all. This is known to architects, who are able to design buildings with original but functional forms. Ensuring privacy for residents and acoustic protection from big-city hustle and bustle are certainly among the designers’ priorities.

remarkable combination

Classic clinker brick in natural tones is the heart of the project. Its unique texture and warm colors bring a unique character to the environment. However, it is only the combination with modern window joinery and doors and garage doors in anthracite shade that gives the whole a unique, somewhat industrial character.

Products used:

  • ENERGO 7000 windows, anthracite color AP 40 in wood grain;
  • warm-frame glazing;
  • PSK patio doors;
  • anthracite blinds;
  • SmartHome control;
  • solid steel doors.

light form of modernity

The design of this building impresses with the lightness provided by the spacious terraces and the interesting color combination on the facade. The grays were warmed by combining with beige and the color of natural oak used on the woodwork.

Products used:

  • ECO 4000 windows, color AP 02 natural oak;
  • blinds in light oak color.

with glass balustrades

The investors’ high requirements for the building’s energy class, as well as attention to detail and beautiful design, resulted in an exceptional building. Fragments of the wooden facade perfectly match the warm finish of the natural oak-colored woodwork.. Glass balustrades provide security while not restricting access to sunlight.

Products used:

  • Energo 7000 windows;
  • Triple glazing package with a warm frame:
  • roller shutters;
  • Aluminum facade and fire protection ironwork.

loft charm

Clinker brick plus facade louvers and front door in anthracite is a great combination. The modern form of the steel door in anthracite shade creates a perfect complement to the brick structure, adding a unique character. Facade blinds in anthracite are a practical and stylish addition. Control over light and privacy goes hand in hand with their aesthetics.

Products used:

  • ENERGO 7000 windows, anthracite color AP 60 in sand texture;
  • warm-frame glazing;
  • anthracite roller shutters.

anthracite elegance

Windows in anthracite color are a real ornament of buildings. Their modern design and excellent workmanship harmoniously harmonize with the whole concept. The view of anthracite windows against the white facade creates a phenomenal contrast that attracts attention and adds dynamism. Steel front door in anthracite shade is a showcase of the property. Their solid construction, simple form and elegant color create an impressive effect. A garage door in the same shade completes the whole.

Products used:

  • ENERGO 7000 windows, anthracite color AP 60 in sand texture;
  • warm-frame glazing;
  • Winkhaus Activ Pilot fittings;
  • Anthracite roller shutters electrically controlled;
  • steel doors.

spacious under a sloping roof

Multifamily development must combine multiple functions and meet the expectations of the diverse needs of residents. This was carried out successfully in this building. It is spacious, but graceful and consistent in architecture.

Products used:

  • Energo 7000 windows, color AP 40;
  • Triple glazing package with a warm frame;
  • roller shutters;
  • Aluminum facade and fire protection ironwork.

Botanical surrounding

The estate of multi-family houses in the immediate vicinity of the botanical garden and the city lake is a beautiful and unique location, designed with attention to detail and the comfort of its residents. The interesting form of the facade is perfectly combined with the economical design of the dark woodwork.

Products used:

  • ECO 4000 system windows in anthracite color.

with wood elements

The combination of the light colors of the building’s facade with delicate wood fragments and wood grain veneer windows creates a harmonious and warm effect. Bright colors add lightness and modernity, while emphasizing the symmetry of the composition. Wooden elements add character to the interior, bringing coziness and a natural, delightful touch.

Terraces of Malta

A colorful swirl overlooking a beautiful lake in the middle of the city. Balustrades made of colored glass are a distinctive touch that gives the facility a positive character. Windows in PVC systems color-matched to the building’s light-colored facade.

Products used:

  • ECO 4000 windows, white color;
  • hygroregulated ventilators.

Multi-family building KOZIEGŁOWY

This investment impresses with elegance and functionality, among other things, thanks to the installation of Energo 7000 windows in AP75 color, which is a delicate light shade of Sheffield Oak . Triple-glazed packages and window blinds emphasize its modern character. The central location, close to the Warta River, adds to the charm of this complex of modern multifamily buildings, creating an ideal place to live.


Naramowicka is a new development consisting of two intimate buildings, well connected to the city center. The advantage of the investment is the close proximity of green areas and numerous service and commercial facilities. Due to the investment’s location in the heart of Poznań, we used multilayer assembly to guarantee excellent thermal insulation, and acoustic glazing proved invaluable in a busy street. Passive 8000 windows with exceptional thermal insulation in AP 75 color added not only functionality, but also positively influenced the whole appearance of the building.

Row houses

Row houses offer the perfect combination of the comforts of living in an individual home with the benefits of neighborhood infrastructure. The windows used here are the Energo 7000 model, characterized by the sleek single-sided Alux DB color, to the illusion of pinning aluminum. In addition, equipped with electrically controlled window blinds, they provide not only a modern look, but also functionality. They are complemented by diffusers that promote optimal air flow. All this surrounded by a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, creating excellent living conditions.


Another of our projects is a house equipped with windows in a charming basalt color, the Energo 7000 model. In addition, blinds were installed, creating a harmonious combination of aesthetics and functionality. The location in a quiet neighborhood adds a unique character to this development.