Public buildings

Be inspired by our realizations

These are facilities for special tasks, where high user traffic forces the need for extremely durable, safe and functional solutions.

In the historic district

The realization of this project proves that it is possible to successfully combine modern office architecture with the environment of more than 100-year-old buildings. The slender form, thanks to the large glazing, becomes light and non-intrusive in its surroundings. The aluminum facade in a graphite finish fits perfectly with the architect’s bold vision.

Academy of Music

Replacing the aluminum and glass facade on the northeast side of the building posed a considerable structural challenge, since it is an arched facade, and an organizational one due to its location in the city center.


Buildings that serve as medical facilities, such as the Admedica clinic, have special requirements. Ease of maintenance, simplicity, and functionality and safety are key. The aluminum glazing used in this building provides a lot of sunlight and lightness to the facade.

Products used:

  • aluminum joinery;
  • PVC windows;
  • radio frequency shutters;
  • aluminum automatic sliding doors;
  • light-breakers.

for the youngest

The kindergarten building was designed to stimulate with colors, interesting form and be friendly to children and parents. The color scheme of windows made on aluminum systems, thanks to varnishing in RAL colors, will make your head spin positively. Here, technology really allows for unlimited color possibilities. A beautiful, comfortable and remarkable facility with an interior skylight and a landscaped garden in the atrium of the building.

Products used:

  • Aluminum windows and doors painted in many RAL colors;
  • Windows and doors made in PVC systems;
  • aluminum joinery PPOŻ;
  • A skylight on the facility’s roof.


Restaurant 25 is a resort complex and is located in a unique area of forests and meadows near Poznan. It is an ideal place for anyone who appreciates an active lifestyle and wants to relax in a unique environment. Helping to create this space, we used Energo 7000 windows, smart slide doors, facade blinds, aluminum entrance doors, and AP 60 anthracite-colored exterior roller shutters. The wonderful intimate atmosphere and ambience create the perfect conditions for celebrating together.


A modern facility that combines multiple functions – from representative, as the headquarters of the company’s Polish branch, to office, warehouse and logistics. At the center of the building is a glazed aluminum façade with an overhanging entrance that brings a lot of light to the building’s central lobby and adds lightness. The interesting color scheme of the PVC windows was matched to the style of the facade finished with facade panels.


Windows for investment? By all means! The anthracite-colored windows installed in the newly constructed building of the Ziołolek company in Poznan’s Starołęka district match perfectly with the bright, ascetic facade.

Products used:

  • Ideal 4000 windows, AP 60 anthracite color;
  • 4*12*4*12*4 glazing with TGI 7035 warm frame;
  • Activ Pilot Concept fittings;
  • Ponzio aluminum exterior and interior joinery.