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Single-family houses

Be inspired by our realizations

A home of one’s own is not just a place to live, but often a dream come true to create an asylum for one’s family. When investing in a home, we want it to be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also functional and energy-efficient. Get inspired by our realizations. You will find modern and traditional architecture among them.

exclusive property in France

A beautiful residential house in the south of France, where light permeates every interior through huge glass windows. Exclusive space and unique design with aluminum windows and sliding systems in a dark-grey finish.

modern with facade blinds

The modern body with a simple roof works well with the applied colors of the clinker facade and the warm wooden texture of the windows and doors.
Façade blinds work well in architecture with traditional, simple shapes. The combination of aluminum, warm window colors and clinker façade arrangement is an excellent choice.

Products used:

  • PASSIVE 8000 windows, color turner oak matte AP 19 woodec, with hidden hinges;
  • HST patio doors;
  • Silver-colored facade blinds controlled by SmartHome;
  • Aluminum entrance door in turner oak.


Simplicity in form and color will always be on trend. The combination of light gray woodwork with a white facade and gray roof creates a clean and cohesive arrangement.

Products used:

  • ECO 4000 windows, double-sided light gray color;
  • external shutters;
  • Entrance door with light gray overlay panel.

lakeside house

Location close to the lake surrounded by forests and meadows, where nature is at your fingertips. The simple form of the building with a wooden facade with stone elements fits perfectly into the idyllic surroundings. A beautiful combination of natural materials and high-tech energy-efficient window solutions.

Products used:

  • Double-sided windows in light oak color;
  • external shutters;
  • window sills;
  • HST patio doors and classic opening patio doors.

the new face of the cube

An excellent renovation and remodeling of a typical communist-era building, the popular cube. Changing the function of the rooms and the organization of communication gave the house a whole new character. The black facade in an interesting panel finish works perfectly with the woodwork in matte black.
Huge congratulations to the architect who transformed a classic cube-type building into a modern office building with a unique design. We are pleased to have risen to the occasion in assisting this process. We used modern aluminum glazing in elegant black RAL 9005, adding an entrance door and high-quality exterior ironwork elements. The effect is simply wonderful.

Products used:

  • Ideal 7000 windows, in double-sided black jet mat color;
  • black facade roller shutters;
  • front door;
  • RAL 9005 aluminum joinery;
  • inside aluminum glazing.

small in the natural

Be inspired by our realization with woodwork in turner oak, in a veneer that perfectly reproduces the texture of natural wood. Windows and patio doors, as well as perfectly finished entrance doors, which in addition to being beautiful are RC2-rated and meet the requirements of the “Clean Air” program. – They are warm, functional and durable.

Products used:

  • ENERGO 7000 windows, double-sided color turner oak mat AP 19 in woodec structure;
  • warm-frame glazing;
  • HST patio doors;
  • anthracite facade roller shutters;
  • Steel entrance door with side fanlight Venetian mirror.

with a stone facade

Windows in dark oak matching in shade to the color scheme of the roof and door blend perfectly with the stone sandstone facade tiles. The raw, cool surface adds to the building’s character of a classic mountain lodge.

Products used:

  • ENERGO 7000 windows, double-sided dark oak color AP 06;
  • warm glass with a warm frame;
  • HST patio doors;
  • Electrically controlled roller shutters, type C louvers in walnut color;
  • electric roller shutters.


Modernist architecture loves simple forms, flat roofs, large glazing and anything functional and comfortable to use. The contrasts of white and anthracite work well with the landscaping.

Products used:

  • PASSIVE 8000 windows, double-sided anthracite AP 60 color;
  • warm glass with a warm frame;
  • HST patio doors;
  • Electric roller shutters in anthracite color.

The charm of contrast

Anthracite windows and patio doors are visual masterpieces. The contrasting color stands out against the light-colored facade, drawing the eye and giving the buildings a modern character. It is a combination of style and functionality that combines comfort with aesthetics. Roller shutters in anthracite shade are an excellent way to control light and privacy. They form a harmonious combination with windows and terrace doors.

Products used:

  • ENERGO 7000 windows, double-sided anthracite AP 60 color in sand texture;
  • warm-frame glazing;
  • PSK automatic patio doors;
  • Roller shutters in anthracite color with electric drive.

Semi-detached houses in beautiful style

The compact mass of semi-detached housing in a modern style shows that this form of architecture is not a relic. Contrasts play a major role in this composition. The light-colored facade with wood trim is a great backdrop for the dark window and door woodwork.

Products used:

  • ENERGO 7000 windows, anthracite color AP 60 in sand texture;
  • warm-frame glazing;
  • Winkhaus Activ Pilot fittings.

extensive with an interesting facade

Symmetry, simplicity and ascetic composition are the best terms for this beautiful realization in Greater Poland. The dark anthracite finishes of the aluminum windows, sliding doors and facade louvers blend perfectly with the light stone facade.

Products used:

  • anthracite-colored aluminum windows;
  • doors and facade glazing.


The interesting concept of the facade was to place the glazing of the lower and upper levels in a single line. The combination of dark window profiles, blinds and roof with light plaster gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Products used:

  • windows color double-sided anthracite AP 60;;
  • external roller shutters.

Spacious and modern

Large areas of glazing add lightness to this modern block and provide an abundance of natural light in the interiors. Simple and super-modernistic in perception.

Products used:

  • IDEAL 7000 windows, double-sided anthracite AP 60 color;
  • External shutters in anthracite color.