Window glass replacement – what to do when the glass breaks?

Window glass replacement – what to do when the glass breaks?

Glass, while often perceived as a tough and resilient material, is in fact vulnerable to various types of damage. One of the most common problems is cracked window glass. Find out today what to do when a windshield breaks.

Glass, while often perceived as a tough and resilient material, is in fact vulnerable to various types of damage.core/para One of the most common problems is a cracked windshield. It can range from minor scratches to more serious damage, through which immediate replacement of the glass in a plastic window is required. Find out today what to do when window glass breaks.


What are the causes of spontaneous window glass breakage?

There are many different factors that can cause or contribute to the spontaneous cracking of window glass. Uneven heating is one of the most common causes that can lead to this problem. If one of the edges of the non-tempered glass is cooler than the others, and the differences are significant there is a risk of a critical value, so that the glass may break.

Another factor that can lead to the spontaneous cracking of window panes is contact between the curtains and the glass. It is important to leave enough space (at least about 3 cm) between the glass and the curtain to ensure air circulation and avoid thermal stress. In addition, the unfavorable location of furniture near the window can also affect the appearance of a crack in the glass. Therefore,it is important to maintain proper spacing and ensure adequate ventilation around windows,to minimize this risk.


Is it always necessary to replace the glass in a plastic window?

Replacing the glass in a plastic window when it is cracked or broken is always necessary. Leaving a damaged windshield can lead to further cracking or breakage of glass fragments, which in turn can cause injury. Futhermore, when the glass is damaged, argon gas – a gas used in many glass panes to improve their thermal insulation properties – escapes. As a result, the board loses its ability to effectively insulate heat, which can negatively affect thermal comfort in the room and increase heating costs.


Cracked glass in a PVC window – and what next?

When the glass in a window breaks, it is important to take appropriate steps to secure the area, prevent possible injury and take corrective action as soon as possible.

  1. The first thing to do is to ensure safety and make sure that the broken glass does not pose a danger to people. It is a good idea to protect the cracked area with adhesive tape or protective film, which will reduce the risk of injury and the spread of glass shards.
  2. After carefully securing the cracked windshield, you should contact a specialist,who will assess the situation with an expert eye and propose the safest and most beneficial solution related to repairing the damage.
  3. After consulting with a professional, order new glass,properly matched to the window. When placing an order, it is necessary to pay attention to the type and size of the window and glazing bead, as well as the profile and glazing package used.

If you have a cracked windshield, it is worth working with Mirox.. Our team not only installs, but also services windows. As a result, replacing the glass in a double-glazed window or any other window is no challenge for us.. Recognizing the needs of our customers and the peculiarities of different sites, we always propose solutions tailored to specific conditions.

In areas exposed to high temperature amplitudes or where there is a high risk of mechanical damage, consider installing tempered and laminated glass. Such a variant is not only more resistant to external factors, but also provides additional security, just like a car windshield in case of damage. At Mirox, we treat each situation individually, striving to provide our customers with the best and optimal solutions.


Replacement of the glass package – cost

How much does a window glass replacement service cost? It’s definitely an expensive process, but it’s certainly cheaper than replacing the entire window The cost of replacing a glazing package depends on several factors, such as the size of the glass and type of window, the glazing bead, and the type and number of panes in the package.

For larger windows or more technologically advanced glazing packages, costs can be higher. However, it is worth remembering that replacing window glass is an investment in improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of our home. With a new glazing package, we can save on heating and air conditioning costs and enjoy greater indoor comfort.


Replacing window glass with 3-pane windows – an excellent investment and an increasingly popular solution

Replacing window glass with 3-pane glass (double-glazing) is a process that is becoming increasingly popular, especially in regions with harsher climates and where consumers want to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Triple-pane windows provide better thermal insulation compared to traditional single or double-glazed windows, which can result in significant savings on heating and cooling bills.



  1. Replacing the glass in plastic windows – how much does it cost?

The cost of replacing the glass in a window depends on many factors, such as the size and type of glass. Replacing it can be a cheaper alternative than replacing the entire window and has thermal and acoustic insulation benefits. It is recommended to outsource this task to experienced professionals to guarantee proper installation.

  1. When should you decide to replace a windshield that has cracked?

You should decide to replace the glass that has broken as soon as you notice the damage. Cracked glass puts you at risk of glass fragments breaking off and causing injury. In addition, the damage leads to a loss of thermal insulation properties of the glass due to the escape of argon gas.

  1. Replacing double glazing – can you do it yourself?

Replacing the glass yourself is not a good idea. Without the proper experience and tools, there is a risk of damaging the window and glass and exposing yourself to potential injury. Therefore, if a crack appears, the glass replacement performed by specialists will be precise and ensure safety.

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